My $9 Per Day Habit

No, its not Starbucks. Although my propensity for coffee consumption has me drinking about 6 to 8 cups per day – I am lucky to have a Keurig at home and the office which (thanks to Amazon subscribe and save and the generosity of my employer) holds my coffee expense to a meager $1.43 per day or so. Its not lunch either, although that probably comes a bit closer.

No, for the last several days I have been sporting a $9 per day accountability habit.

It doesn’t take much scrolling down this page to see that my blogging is rather anemic.  I want to blog in that abstract sense we all have of wanting things but it ends up taking a back seat to the other priorities in my life. So starting Monday, July 26th I asked my loving girlfriend Kate to hold me accountable for blogging once per day. “But Fred,” I hear you exclaim from your end of Cyberspace, “it is now Wednesday, July 28th (at 10pm no less) and when I scroll down I see your last post was in February.”

That brings me to my $9 per day habit. Every day I don’t blog I get to pay Kate $9.

So, two things inevitably come to mind. I know – $9 is an odd sum it doesn’t divide up easy. Second, I am going to guess you fall into one of two camps: a) wow, $9 a day is a lot to pay for nothing -OR- b) wow, big spender, $9 – why don’t you make it a penalty that will really hurt?  Thats the bugger with accountability. For it to be effective you want it to bother you. But that bother needs to be closer to the annoyance of an itchy clothing tag than a sucking chest wound. It would do neither Kate nor I any favours to set up a system where the penalties were so big we end up resenting each other or fall in the trap of wanting to let the person we love off the hook. While $9 is not a lot for me, I will still feel it.

And remember, I am the guy who just said I order Keurig cups in large boxes months ahead of time to save a couple of bucks a day on coffee. This is a $9 per day habit I am in a hurry to break.

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