Fred E. Cadena

Problem finder. Digital transformation strategist. Salesforce Solutions Architect. Philanthropist. Biohacker. Scuba diver.  more… 

Cheerfully dispensing my unsolicited opinion since 1976.

Digital Transformation

I lead Financial Services industry strategy at Silverline where we partner with our clients to create unique digital experiences that transform their business.

Financial Services Professional

I combine my more than 10 years working in banking, asset management, and wealth with deep experience in technology to help our clients solve thier most critical challenges.

Salesforce & Cloud Technologist

I have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than twelve years as both a customer & a consultant.

Scuba Diver

I am a PADI certified Advanced Diver and love to find warm clear water with lots of cool stuff to photograph.


I’m dedicated to using science, biology, and self-experimentation to optimize my body, mind, and life performance. 

Quantified Self

I utilize self-tracking technology & tools to develop “self-knowledge” through numbers.