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Pursuing a career doesn’t mean having to choose your job over your life. If you know how to strike a balance between work and your personal life, then you won’t have to pick one over the other. To be your best in both, however, it’s advisable to develop a system that works for you. Your ability to manage time is really one of the top two causes of success or failure in your life. What can you do to pave your way to success? Start a commitment notebook for your tasks. This way, it becomes easier to track your to-do lists and deadlines. Plus, you can even log in your personal goals you can incorporate into your work schedule, like a fitness regimen you’ve been dying to try for instance. When you see your tasks laid out like that, balancing a fabulous life and a stellar career will be a breeze. It helps to define the importance of the different aspects of your life so that you know what you can focus on. A true successful individual will keep doing things that matter.

Of course, you will encounter stress along the way. Say no to stress-eating; still working on this one myself. Sit up straight at all times because slouching decreases your body’s oxygen intake, which eventually drains you of energy. Moreover, poor posture makes you develop chronic back and neck pains. Deal whatever it is you’re faced with by holding your head high.

More importantly, know the value of laughter. This is a foolproof stress buster. Sharing your humor with others helps to ease the pressures of the workplace. Say something silly or crack a joke (just not in the big meeting) because sillier can sometimes be better. If you’re not comfortable delivering one face-to-face, send it via email. To avoid blurting out inappropriate remarks to the boss, talk with your friends and colleagues. You will soon get to know them well enough to understand which things they’re not comfortable talking about or making fun of.

You have to know that you have a purpose in life. Working towards this purpose at a gradual but steady pace will keep you hopeful even during your darkest moments. Take things lightly but have a sense of responsibility. This should keep your smile on despite difficulties. It is innate in a person to know what their purpose is, they just need time to soul search and realize what needs to be done. When you follow what you have been meant to do, you will live in harmony with the rest of the world.

The balance you are seeking should already be found within. It just needs to be rediscovered and unearthed. Embrace what you have right now and celebrate what is yet to come. Remember, you are all capable of great things. Fear limits what you can achieve and you must remove this from your heart. Remember, your psyche knows no boundaries, so live a little but always remember that you also have to be responsible about the things you do.