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When the Grecian armies landed on their enemy’s shore, the first order the commanders gave was “Burn the boats.” With no boats to retreat the armies had no choice but to do whatever it took to be successful and win.

I one thing I am leaving in 2011 is about 55 lbs. This is not the first time I have been here. I dropped 110 lbs between 2006 and 2007, bu I never burned the boats. After reaching a low of 203 I let an injury, laziness, and falling into old habits push me back above 260 in true yo-yo fashion. Let me tell you, 260 sucks.

I’m not going back. This time I am burning the boats. Last week in New York I bought three new suits – 42 slim. To say they fit nicely is an understatement, I look amazing in them. I also picked up a nice cashmere top coat. Today I grabbed four sportcoats.

Here is what is on the way out. Thats six pair of slacks, two sportcoats, and a suit. They are nice garments, in perfect condition… only for a guy 6 sizes bigger than me.

Twenty-twelve will be for me a year of living with intent. A year of experimentation in the service of choosing concisely the best way to live my life. I will be sharing my experiences, if you are interested in following along check out The Fred Project and @thefredproject.

And I wish all of you a fantastic 2012… remember, don’t turn back, don’t surrender, burn your boats.