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I was very pleased to speak at the Cloud Saturday conference in Chicago on January 24, 2014. My presentation was on my favorite feature of the Spring 15 Salesforce release, Lightning Process Builder.

Lightning Process Builder is the latest automation tool on the Salesforce platform. A good way to think about it is as Workflow 2.0.  With Lightning Process Builder becoming GA in Spring 15, now is a good time to think about how it is going to impact your org:

Step 1: Evaluate your Workflows

  • Document your existing workflows
  • Diagram how they might work in Process Builder
  • Make sure that your newly designed processes aren’t set up to create recursive loops.
  • Once Lightning Process Builder is available, if you create processes to replace any workflow rules, make sure you delete those workflow rules when you activate the equivalent processes

Step 2: Evaluate your APEX Code

  • Review code documentation to determine what can be retired
  • Develop a plan to migrate away from APEX when possible

Step 4: Champion with Key Stakeholders

  • Pull out your roadmap
  • Meet with stakeholders, power users, and other leaders and share what is possible with Lightning Process Builder
  • Do Awesome Stuff

Check out the presentation deck from my talk for more tips: