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This post The Smarter Approach for Recruiting Insurance Agents and Faster Onboarding was originally published on the Silverline blog.

We cannot yet know the long-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak has presented major challenges to all kinds of financial service businesses as they rush to shift strategies and tactics in response to changing customer needs. For insurance carriers, likely effects of the pandemic will include slower growth, additional pressure on profitability, as well as a permanent shift in the ways they engage with employees and customers alike. Even before the crisis, a key area carriers have struggled with is recruiting insurance agents and quickly developing new producers. We say it’s time to overhaul the standard process.

Rethink your insurance agent recruiting and onboarding strategy

At Silverline, carriers we work with have routinely identified hiring and developing effective producers as the largest overall challenge in their business. Effective recruiting and onboarding of producing insurance agents and reducing the time it takes for those agents to begin writing business will be critical for carriers to exert their market presence and blunt the impact of overall slower growth. Our approach to help carriers improve their agent onboarding process:

  • Reduces cost and timeline of agent acquisition by leveraging Salesforce as an engagement platform
  • Increases visibility for all parties throughout the recruiting and onboarding process
  • Ensures insurance agents can effectively position products and submit applications quickly through effective training and reinforcement
  • Maximizes the potential for success by routing the right leads to the right agent and providing intelligent product suggestions based on similar customer profiles