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Career Success While Still Having a Life

Pursuing a career doesn’t mean having to choose your job over your life. If you know how to strike a balance between work and your personal life, then you won’t have to pick one over the other. To be your best in both, however, it’s advisable to develop a system that...

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Why I Wish I Could Love Apple

Apple has been a bastion of innovation, if not always commercial success (reference Lisa), for years. The renaissance they have enjoyed under the second coming of Steve Jobs is undeniable. They make sexy products that work - and not just work, but work exceptionally...

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RECIPE: Healthy(ish) Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

This is certainly not the post I expected to make to rechristen my personal blog, however it is hard to imagine anything more real. When my gal woke up this morning she had a bit of a craving for cinnamon buns. My desires to please her and to maintain a...

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