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Fred E. Cadena

Problem finder. Digital transformation strategist. Salesforce technologist. Philanthropist. Biohacker. Scuba diver.  more… 
I have spent my career working at the intersection of Financial Services and Technology.  If you are a financial services firm working though digital transformation, an innovative Salesforce ISV partner with a unique value proposition, or a growing Salesforce SI partner, I’d love to connect.

Digital Transformation

I combine my more than 10 years working as an Operations & Technology Executive in the Financial Services industry with deep experience leading dozens of engagements helping clients solve their most critical business challenges leveraging the Salesforce platform.

Deep Financial Services Experience

I enjoy writing on topics that include digital transformation, financial services trends, the Salesforce ecosystem, and data analytics.

Salesforce Financial Services Podcaster

 In my podcast I discuss  financial services trends, innovation & disruption, and business transformation on the Salesforce platform. 

Salesforce Professional

I am a 13x Certified Salesforce professional who has been  working in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than fifteen years first as a customer & now as a consultant.

Biohacking & Self Optimization

I’m dedicated to using science, biology, and self-experimentation to optimize my body, mind, and life performance. 

As part of this passion, I am working to share what I have learned through Biohacker Studio.

Scuba Diver

I am a PADI certified Advanced Diver and love to find warm clear water with lots of cool stuff to photograph.